Move Well ?

Problem + Performance Muscular Therapy = Solutions For: Tension, Fatigue, Soreness, Pain, or Mobility, Flexibility, Strength, Limitation ? I help make change possible for: Postural – Structural Conditions & Movement – Mobility Limitations. Learn More Move Well In A Deeper Sense, Paul F. Caswell, Bodywork Practitioner Performance Muscular Therapy Portsmouth, NH USA 603.430.8492

In the pursuit of excellence?

If you have issues with: Coordination & Alignment, Body Tension, Fatigue, Soreness, Pain, Mobility, Flexibility, Strength, & Endurance ? Experience and Evidence has shown, Bodywork-Manual Therapy & KMI-Structural Integration have effective results with these conditions. Move Well In A Deeper Sense, Paul F. Caswell, Bodywork Practitioner Manual Therapy & Movement Education Performance Muscular Therapy Portsmouth, […]

Performance Program at PMT

Performance, A definition: The action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function.   • Massage therapy increases flexibility. For an athlete to maintain optimal performance, they must maintain a high degree of flexibility. Since massage therapy stretches the muscle fibers, flexibility is promoted and maintained. • Massage therapy improves circulation. […]

Prevention Program at PMT

Prevention, A definition: The action of stopping something from happening or arising.~ Decreases Pain ~ Better Range of Motion ~ Helps Alleviate Anxiety & Depression ~ Boosting Immune Function ~ Lowering Blood Pressure ~ Improved Muscular Strength and Endurance Muscle overuse, or the accumulation of tension in the muscles from regular fitness or athletic training […]

Recover Better From Your Marathon &Training: A Short Story Why.

This is what I hear Marathon after Marathon, season after season, year in year out. Clients of Performance Muscular Therapy say about receiving Sports Massage: After Paul’s Sports Massage I am less sore and tight, and ready for next training / race goal sooner. I feel Paul’s Sports Massage is a crucial part of maintaining […]