Perform Well & Enjoy Movement

KMI-Structural Integration: The intention is to organize the nero-myofascial network in relationship to the skeletal system, within gravity. The result is a balanced alignment for structural body support and a fluid ease of motion. "We do not make change, we make change possible.” Dr. Ida Rolf Another way to describe Structural Integration is a, manual therapy and […]

Evidence & Experience | Perform ~ Prevent ~ Restore

Paul Caswell, is a Bodywork Practitioner & Owner of Performance Muscular Therapy, since 1991 His Bodywork Therapy & Movement Education is designed for Performance, Preventative, & Restorative Care to Chronic Postural & Movement Conditions. He is a graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institute & Kinesis. Board Certified to practice KMI-Structural Integration, He hold a Diploma […]

Performance ~ Move Well In A Deeper Sense 

Performance, A definition: The action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function.   •  Massage therapy increases flexibility. For an athlete to maintain optimal performance, they must maintain a high degree of flexibility. Since massage therapy stretches the muscle fibers, flexibility is promoted and maintained. • Massage therapy improves circulation. […]