About me

A Graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institute & Kinesis. Board Certified to practice ATSI-KMI-Structural Integration, Diploma in Muscular Therapy and a Licensed Massage Therapist.

As the owner of Performance Muscular Therapy his clientele is the athlete fitness and active population. Paul was born in Portsmouth, NH and is a native of Rye, NH. Paul is an athlete of more than forty years, with achievements in and motivation for running, cycling, yoga, & mindfulness.


What You Do

Sports Massage Therapy & Movement Education is designed for your Performance, Preventative, & Restorative Care for Chronic Postural & Movement Restrictions.

A resource for athletes, fitness and the active population in the seacoast region, providing Sports Massage & Bodywork Therapy, since 1991.

What You Do

“We do not make change, we make change possible.” Dr. Ida Rolf

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration – Kinesis Myofascial Integration: The intention is to organize the nero-myofascial network in relationship to the skeletal system, within gravity. The result is a balanced alignment for structural body support and a fluid ease of motion.

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