Move Well. . . ?

Less Pain & More Freedom of Motion~

Movement Education & Bodywork Therapy: KMI-Structural Integration & Deep Tissue-Sports Massage for postural and movement integration for the physically active and athletes, since 1991

“We do not make change, we make change possible.” Dr. Ida Rolf

KMI-Structural Integration: The intention is to organize the nero-myofascial network in relationship to the skeletal system, within gravity. The result is a balanced alignment for structural body support and a fluid ease of motion.

Another way to describe Structural Integration is a, manual therapy and movement education that focuses on the body’s connective tissue to improve posture and balance, unwind improper patterns, increases proper movement and flexibility, and ultimately decreases pain.

I hope to have a face to face meeting with you to learn more about your practice, within the next week.

Move Well In A Deeper Sense,

Paul F. Caswell, Bodywork Practitioner

Performance Muscular Therapy

Portsmouth, NH USA


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