Boston Marathon & Sports Massage

I am volunteering for my 27th Boston Marathon – Sports Massage Team. More than 7000 volunteers make this event run. Prepare your body to perform at it’s best on race day for the Boston Marathon or other spring marathon. I have prepare thousands to perform well at: Marathons, 5K – 10K’s, Track & Field, Ultra’s, Cycling, and Multi-Sport Events.

My continued practice of 25 years, I hear countless stories of how my Sports Massage has made a difference in there training and race performance. My professional suggestion is for you to receive two – three Sports Massage Session each month through your entire marathon training for best results. Train free of restrictions will allow you to race and perform at your true potential. 
Contact me to schedule your Sports Massage Session, and insure the success of your next marathon or athletic performance.

Performance Muscular Therapy 

Paul Caswell, Bodywork Practitioner

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