ITBand Syndrome: Part 1. What is ITBS?

Corinne Bracko, CMT, LMT, CKTP

With running becoming an increasingly popular sport, and marathon finishers on the rise, it isn’t a surprise that running related injuries are also being seen with an increase in frequency. This week, we will be taking a look at Iliotibial Band (ITBand) Syndrome (also sometimes referred to as an ITBand Contracture), what causes it, the types of manual massage therapies that can be done to alleviate it, and what you can do at home to help decrease the associated pain and get back to running!

Runners are definitely an interesting breed, and, like most athletes, are not apt to want to stay our of their sport for too long when they’ve incurred an injury. So, what can they do when they hear from their doctor that they have a repetitive strain injury? First step: educate yourself.

What is ITBS?

“Iliotibial band contracture is a contracture or thickening of the…

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Published by Paul Caswell ~ Bodywork Practitioner

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