Sports Massage: Definition, Types

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What is Sports Massage?


 Working with athletes, runners and cyclists, I really understand the importance of Sports Massage! It is vital for people that exercise on a regular basis and also for those with some kinds of muscle or joint injury. I find it very effective, of course when it’s done right! I’m sure You will find some cool info here – just keep on reading 😉

Sports Massage is the application of therapeutic massage to clients engaged in athletics or strenuous exercise, in order to assist them in:

  • immediate physical preparation for their events/activities
  • optimal performance during their events/activities
  • faster recovery from their events/activities
  • maintaining top physical condition in general

In order to effectively apply massage techniques in these situations, the Massage Therapist must have an understanding of:

  • injury
  • injury grading
  • recovery time for injuries
  • the injury process, including inflammatory response
  • sports massage terminology
  • kinesiology
  • massage modalities employed particularly in…

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