Nothing like a good massage!


With the additional kilometres I’ve been running lately, my legs are starting to tire and become tight.  Yes, I’m still focussed on my new objective of reducing speed and increasing kilometres.  Last week I ran two 20 km runs, plus a 10 km, so a total of 50 km for the week.  I think I could have included some more running days if it wasn’t for planning and planting a new vegetable and herb garden.  It’s something that’s been on the cards for a while but never eventuated, as I’m not a green thumb at all!  So give me a month, and we’ll see if we have a thriving vegie garden, or a patch of dusty soil with the occasional penetrating weed.

The accumulation of kilometres over the past three weeks, another 50 plus week and a 62 km week in addition to the above, sees the need to take some extra precautions…

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