Solutions To Move Well. . .

Problem + Performance Muscular Therapy = Solutions For: Tension, Fatigue, Soreness, Pain, or Mobility, Flexibility, Strength, Limitation ? His Bodywork Therapy & Movement Education is designed for Performance, Preventative, & Restorative Care to Chronic Postural & Movement Conditions. Move Well In A Deeper Sense, Paul F. Caswell, Bodywork Practitioner Performance Muscular Therapy Portsmouth, NH USA […]

Move Well. . . ?

Less Pain & More Freedom of Motion~ Movement Education & Bodywork Therapy: KMI-Structural Integration & Deep Tissue-Sports Massage for postural and movement integration for the physically active and athletes, since 1991 “We do not make change, we make change possible.” Dr. Ida Rolf KMI-Structural Integration: The intention is to organize the nero-myofascial network in relationship […]